Throughout the course of my childhood I became aware of how much your surroundings can affect you. Have it be a chilling hospital room, or the inviting warmth of your grandmother's home. They leave an impact on your memories, both good and bad. I strive to create immersive content where, when needed, people can be free of their life struggles and escape into a world of magic and adventure.


2014 - 2018: BS Visualization

 I am a CG Lighting and Environment Artist from Texas A&M University. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. 

Summer 2017: PUP Intern

I have interned at Pixar Animation Studios where I was first able to understand the entertainment industry in a professional setting.

May - December 2018: Jr Look Development Apprentice

I worked as a Jr Look Development Apprentice at Brazen Animation.


January - March 2019: Lighting Academy

I studied feature film lighting with Technicolor's Academy program.


March 2019 - January 2020: Lighting Artist

My first feature came in the form of the film adaptation of the Broadway show, Cats!


May - September 2020: Lighting Artist

I helped light and composite the 2D version of the VR Animated Short: Baba Yaga. 

September 2020 - Current: Lightspeed TD

I am now apart of the Lightspeed team at Pixar working on  the technical aspects of lighting, including debugging and optimization.